Olivia Alexander

The Michigan artist Olivia Alexander had just the three 45s issued in her career, but one of them was a strong deep soul ballad. The two part ListenHe’s Gonna Love Me The Right Way gives Olivia plenty of room to extoll the virtues of her man, over a chugging beat and a tasteful girl group. The second Gatewood 45, like the first was co-written by Olivia herself, but neither the downbeat “He’s My Joy” nor the bouncy "Moma’s Old Sayings” are quite up the standard of the initial release. Her final single for Platinum II is a pleasant if unremarkable 80s indie ballad rather spoilt by the dreaded synths and an out of place rock lead guitar.



ListenHe’s gonna love me the right way / Pt 2 ~ GATEWOOD 204 (mid 70s?)
Moma’s old sayings / He’s my joy ~ GATEWOOD 9 (1976)
He’s so good to me / Same (longer version) ~ PLATINUM II (1980s)


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