Do right man - ATLANTA 4466

Anthony Burns

Anderson, SC was Anthony Burns' home town and sadly it seems his musical talent never got him out of the state. His deep funk anthem “Doing What You Need To Do” had more than a touch of Brother James Brown in its style and musical direction, as did the “Try Me Darling” side of his other 45. Despite the writing credit and the slightly amended title the song would be very familiar to all readers of this page. But despite this little bit of “homage” to the great man it is a pretty good version. But the best of his cuts is the fine flip ListenDo Right Man. As the name suggests this one has a nod or two towards Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham but contains just about enough of his own material to get by. The guitarist and organ player do a nice job behind Burns who sounds suitably afflicted – love the line or two from “A Man’s Man’s Man’s World” in the middle!



Doing what you need to do / Pt 2 ~ CASTLEWAY 2933 (mid 60s)
Try me darling / ListenDo right man ~ ATLANTA 4466 (mid 60s)


Noe ~ "Doing what you need to do" can be found on the Jazzman UK CD "Carolina Funk".

Thanks to Jason Perlmutter (see Links).


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