Barons Unlimited

When I saw that the recording location of this track was Baton Rouge, my first thought was that the Barons Unlimited must be an off shoot of the famous New Orleans Barons. And they may well be but I’ve never heard any Barons track with such a compelling, gritty and powerful lead vocalist as this. Usually they’re on the sweeter side of the soul spectrum. And on the excellent deep ballad ListenLove Oh Love there are no background harmonies at all. But what a superb little track this is, despite the slightly out of tune horns, thanks to that great vocal performance. The III Star label is described as a “division of Aero Corp, New York, NY” which only complicates the story.

UPDATE ~ Mr Wintress Anderson Sr has very kindly been in touch to say:-

"My uncle and his close friends comprised the Barons Unlimited, I haven't heard that song since I was about 18 years old, here is a little background on the group. The group is from Plaquemine, LA. small town about 18 miles from Baton Rouge, Lead singer is James Woods (Saul), drums: Bobby Booker, Sax: Donald Jenkins, Trumpet: Nelson Shaw, Lead guitar: Albert T, and Bass:they called him papa. and on keyboard is Elliot Stepteuax better known as (Dubie). I traveled with them sometime helping set up and tearing down equipment, plus the benefit of having a good time meeting young ladies, my stepfather (Nathan Jenkins) managed them for a while, all rehearsals were at my uncles house at 408 Barrow Street in a section of town called Seymourville, Saul would definitely get the crowds attention when he sang Love Oh Love."

I'm really grateful to Mr Anderson for taking the time and trouble to send this excellent info on the Barons Unlimited.


ListenLove oh love / My word ~ III STAR 2222 (late 60s?)


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