I am a fool in love - Gene 310

Charles Burns

Jimmy Braswell's excellent 45s, Alice Rozier's single, and this one are the 45s to watch out for on this obscure Georgia label. I've said before that soul music from that State has been sadly overlooked and ListenI am a fool in love is yet more proof of this. There is an appealing charm about the song, and the R & B touches and arpeggio-led rhythm arrangement hints at an early 60s date. Burns himself has obviously picked up a lot of his vocal nuances from the church, and while he doesn't really let go, there is enough power and aggression to satisfy purists like me. The whole recording has a simple and direct approach that later soul music never quite captured, and for that reason alone it's a well sought after cut. As for Burns - who was he? Did he make any further recordings? There's so many tiny labels from that part of the world that

UPDATE ~ I have been contacted by Tom Littleton who has provided some extra info on Charles. They were in the military together and Tom reports that Charles did indeed come from Macon. GA, and played trumpet in Otis Redding's band. He was also a member of Bobby Womack's band Peace. I'm very grateful to Tom for his info on this fine artist.


ListenI am a fool in love / I love my baby ~  Gene 310/1



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