Leona Buckles

Joe Assunto and Henry Hildebrand’s New Orleans based Watch label released some very good music in the 60s. As well as the excellent Johnny Adams and Professor Longhair, lesser artists like Dell Stewart and Johnny Angel had 5 star 45s, but certainly one of the most obscure discs in their catalogue was this one from the obscure Leona Buckles. I’m Waiting is a classic plodding Crescent City deep ballad from the mid 60s. You can’t miss the late Wardell Q’s big big horn uncredited arrangement – always so good. Leona does well to impose her personality above the terrific band and the chord change at the start of the run out groove is the best part of the whole song.


ListenI’m waiting / Baby we are through ~ WATCH 6344 (1965)

Note ~ The date comes from The Cosimo Code website – an excellent resource on New Orleans music you can find here.

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