I am nothing without you - SOULSVILLE USA 1002

Trisha Brown

Soulsville USA is, of course, the name put up in lights on the front of the McLemore Avenue theatre/studios in Memphis by the Stax organisation, so it’s a pound ot a penny that this 45, one of only two on the label that I know, was cut in the great city itself. It certainly sounds like it, as the opening guitar arpeggios lead Ms Brown in to this superb deep item. And when the organ and horns join in you can be quite certain. I love the “blue” downward chord changes, and the prominence of the baritone sax, and, of course, Trisha’s impassioned wailing. This sounds like it was cut in 1967/8 and anybody who likes Memphis music from that Golden Age will love this one.




ListenI am nothing without you / You're gonna pay ~ SOULSVILLE USA 1002


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