I worry - BROWNIE 102Barbara Christian

I believe this is the only 45 by Barbara Christian but her fine tone and excellent rhythmic sense deserved to be recorded more often. Although the top side is a swinging uptempo number that has had Northern action the flip is about 100 times better. I Worry is a lovely melodic deep soul item full of emotion with arpeggio guitar and dramatic horns. 

Writer producer and label owner Gary Brown came from Wisconsin and cut his own version of this number. But although his talents on show here are very clear sadly his voice wasn’t a patch on Barbara’s splendid delivery.



Not like you boy / I worry ~ BROWNIE 102 (1967)
There but for love I go / Today is the last day ~ SYMPATHY 10
Ricochet / I’m thru playing your game / What am I gonna do ~ MOR-LANDO' 1001

UPDATE ~ Naoya Yamauchi has kindly given a true date for the Brownie recording and Bob McGrath has equally kindly sent details of two other recordings by Barbara Christian now included in the discography.

Further info on these recordings would be very helpful.

I'm grateful as always to Naoya and Bob for their help.

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