Title love song - TUNE-KEL 605

Bobby Camel

Tune-Kel was New Orleans Minit/Instant record man Joe Banashak's publishing arm but he did make it a label in 1964 and it ran for a good few years. One of my favourite 45s on it is this one from the obscure Bobby Camel. He was apparently found by Banashak and may well have been white but he does a really fine job on ListenTitle Love Song a strong deep ballad that could only have been cut in the Big Easy. The way the background ebbs and flows is just fantastic and a real credit to writer/arranger/producer Sax Kari who had a long and fascinating career in the music business. You can read more about him on Red Kelly's highly entertaining blog here.  I really enjoy the jaunty flip as well.



ListenTitle love song / You ask me ~ TUNE-KEL 605


Note ~ You can find both sides of Bobby's 45 on the Night Train CD "Fumigate Funky Broadway". The sound on this CD is better than others that I have criticised from this company and is perfectly acceptable I'm pleased to say.

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