Joyce Curry

LONDON HOUSE 656Joyce Curry was a member of the Heartstoppers girl group who recorded a couple of 45s and a sought after LP on All Platinum. Much of their material was in the Supremes mould and of little interest to me. But Joyce’s only solo single ListenNo Matter How Hard I Try is pretty far removed from sub-Motown soul – lite having a pronounced southern feel to it courtesy of the guitar licks and the gospel piano / organ combination. Joyce spreads her wings with some emotional gospel touches as well, getting her message of sorrow over very well. Flip is by Joyce’s sister Geraldine who was also in the Heartstoppers, name checked on both sides of this disc.


ListenNo matter how hard I try / You’re so wonderful ~ LONDON HOUSE 656 (Mid 70s?) (flip by GERALDINE CURRY)


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