Cathy Davis

I presume Cathy Davis came from Florida as both her 45s have FL addresses on them. Her first was a lively version of J J Barnes’ “Come Back Home” which credited the great Georgian Tommy Stewart as arranger. The second for Fred Thomas’ Taurus concern from Hialeah was a considerable improvement however. The top side “There Must Be Something” was a very Tyrone Davis sounding beater which has a lot of dance floor enthusiasts. The other side is the one for me though. ListenHere I Am In Love Again is a heartfelt ballad on which Cathy’s true vocal talents are revealed. Breathy but determined, she nails the heartbreak lyric. Lovely string section too.


Come back home / Pt 2 ~ 12 O’CLOCK 1001 (1976)
There must be something / ListenHere I am in love again ~ TAURUS 4076 (1976)

Thanks to my great friend Greg Burgess for the excellent pic of Cathy.

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