Praise the woman - WESGATE 201


Dale Darby

Los Angeles vocalist Dale Darby made one almost perfect track entitled ListenPraise The Woman. His screaming, heartfelt vocal is so full of passion that it almost leaps up out of the grooves when you spin the 45. The horns are well up in the mix adding power to Darby’s performance and he is backed up by a righteous female chorus. His howling at the run out is especially electrifying.

How can I Say goodbye - LA CENTRAL 204Darby is so convincing on this cut that it a puzzle – and a shame – that he never recorded anything like as powerful again. He tried funk such as “Treat A Woman Right”, “Push It Up Baby”and “Back Street” and he sang dancers such as “Let’s Get It Together”. But only the gentle beat ballad ListenHow Can I Say Goodbye comes anyway close to matching the impact of “Praise The Woman” – and it doesn’t come very close. Perhaps it was the involvement of the excellent Miles Grayson on "Praise The Woman" that made the difference.

UPDATE ~ Bob Abrahamian writes to add LA CENTRAL 202 to the discography, and he also adds that:-

"they entirely steal "how can you say goodbye" from the Heartbreakers on Derby, exactly the same song. Also, the credited backing band Revelation Runk is the ohio group who recorded on Bear Cat and Gold Plate. They moved out to LA by that point and appear on Dolemite"

As always I'm grateful to Bob for sharing his vast knowledge.


Don't put our love off (another day) / Inst ~ LA CENTRAL 100 (1973)     
ListenHow can I say goodbye / Push it up baby ~ LA CENTRAL 204 (1973)     
ListenPraise the woman / Treat a woman right ~ WESGATE 201  (1977?)
Push it up baby / Time is changing ~ WESGATE 202 / LA CENTRAL 202 (1977?)
Let's got it together / Back street ~ WESGATE 204 (1977?)


Thanks to Barry Martin for the suggestion.

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