Here comes the fool - THINDERBIRD 102


Perhaps the most impassioned and intense singer on the West Coast blues scene was Donoman. As far as I'm aware he only cut just the three 45s but all of them feature his hoarse crying tone full of pain and trouble. ListenHere Comes The Fool is a splendid slow blues on which he almost breaks down in front of a chanting female chorus and a riffing band featuring some fine piano.

At the start of ListenI'm The One it seems he is suffering some from of emotional seizure such is the grief he has to bear. This number is a dead ringer for his other release and could even have been recorded at the same session. The other side of the Star single is a variant on the "Something On Your Mind" riff again faturing a crying pleading vocal. Of Donoman's uptempo tracks I think the horn laden "Monday Is Too Late" from his very rare Romark 45 is probably the pick.

I suppose Donoman may be at the extreme edge for some people and may even be an acquired taste but for me he is another example of why West Coast blues is my favourite variety of them all.

UPDATE ~ My great friend Greg Burgess has spotted that Donoman is the same guy who recorded as Cry Baby Curtis, whose real name was Curtis Payne. You can listen to some more high voltage tracks from Mr Payne here.

I'm the one - STAR 702

Monday is too late - ROMARK 105


ListenHere comes the fool / Do you know (everything about love) ~ THUNDERBIRD 102 / 106 (1959/60)
ListenI'm the one / You've been gone too long ~ STAR 702 / TROCADERO 100 (1963)
I'm the only one / Monday is too late ~ ROMARK 105 (mid 60s?)


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