Lillian Dorr

Lillian Dorr was born in Detroit in 1925 and according to the expert on that city’s music, Keith Rylatt, was a member of a local group called the Vonettes – not the group on Cobblestone. I don’t know if her collection of Vonettes had anything released but Ms Dorr certainly did under her own name – and both her 45s are well worth hearing. The first, as Lil Dorr, included the attractive ListenNothing More I Can Say which has a sound somewhere between doo wop, R & B and soul, but leaning closer to the latter thanks to Lillian’s deep dark expressive vocals – you gotta love her rasping tone. Her second and final release ListenI Need You was an answer song to Solomon Burke’s masterpiece “If I Need You” and was no worse for that thanks to her super hard edged vocal and fine rap in the middle. Two very nice early soul pieces.

Does anybody know why she never recorded again?



Let’s have a dance / ListenNothing more can I say ~ ALLRITE 622 (1962)


ListenI need you / The thrill is gone ~ CORREC-TONE 3810 (1963)  


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