June Edwards

Quin Ivy didn’t record much female soul at his Muscle Shoals studios, only two 45s by June ever being issued, but these are both worth watching out for.  While “Heaven Help Me” is pretty lightweight, ListenMy Man (My Sweet Man) is a beautifully realised 6/8 country soul ballad from maestros Penn and Oldham. Superb horn arrangement and “tinkly” piano from Spooner (?) to savour as well. ListenYou Ain’t Woman Enough and “Close To Me” were issued back to back on Southern Camp 7008 in 1968.  The top side is another stunning piece of country soul with June’s high clear voice beautifully expressive on another of Loretta Lynn’s hit songs.  “Close To Me” is almost straight country featuring a lazy harmonica but benefiting, as the other side does, from a magnificently tasteful Oldham production. These sides don’t get as much attention as other Quinvy product – but that’s a shame as they certainly deserve it.

My man (my sweet man) - SOUTH CAMP 7001 You ain't woman enough (to take my man) - SOUTH CAMP 7008



Heaven help me / ListenMy man (my sweet man) ~ SOUTH CAMP 7001 (1967)
ListenYou ain't woman enough (to take my man) / Close to me ~ SOUTH CAMP 7008 (1968)


UPDATE ~ My great friend Greg Burgess writes:-

"June Edwards (Woodfork) - According to her obituary June Edwards was born in Massillon, Ohio on June 27 1944 and was bought up in Lima, Ohio where she learnt to sing at Fourth Street Missionary Baptist Church.  She died in Lima on May 5 2013. How she came to make the journey south to record remains a mystery."

Thanks as always to Greg for the excellent info - but what sad news.


Note ~ "You Ain't Woman Enough" can be found on the Charly CD "Rare Soul From Alabama".

Thanks to Bill Cornell for the extra info.

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