Minnie Epperson

To clear up one misunderstanding straight away, Minnie Epperson isn’t Minnie Ripperton in disguise, she’s a totally different artist altogether. Her first sessions were held in Houston and “It’ll Last Forever” is a tasty slice of southern R & B on which Minnie sounds just good ’n’ tough. For her final 45 like other Duke/Peacock singers such as O V Wright and Bobby Bland, Minnie recorded in Memphis – and Papa Willie Mitchell rightly gets a producer credit. Check out that superb R & B soul hybrid ListenGrab Your Clothes and listen to Teeny Hodges’ guitar figures and the wonderful Memphis Horns. The flip “No Love At All” is a soul ballad with some lovely blue guitar fills.


It’ll last forever / Nothing but the facts ~ PEACOCK 1944 (1966)
The way you’re acting / You can’t move me ~ PEACOCK 1952 (1967)
ListenGrab your clothes / No love at all ~ PEACOCK 1960 (1968)

Note ~ I’ve never seen a copy of Peacock 1952 – does it exist?

UPDATE ~ My great friend Greg Burgess writes:-

"Minnie Epperson (King) - According to her obituary Minnie Mae Epperson was born December 30 1942 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas and educated in the State Capital Little Rock. Her singing career included back up vocals to the likes of Ike Turner, Bobby Bland and O V Wright. She cut three 45s for Duke Peacock Records. Later she was visibly active in the Civil Rights Movement in Arkansas.   She died February 8 2013."

Wonderful sleuthing as always from Greg - but what sad news about Minnie's passing.

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