I'll reach my goal someday - SOULFUL 1003


Eddie Foster

The West Coast singer of the same name is pretty well known in soul circles. His bluesy 45s for labels like In, Lyons  and Ocampo are well worth owning - if you have the cash. But nothing I've ever heard by him has been as intense as ListenI'll Reach My Goal Someday or so obviously gospel based, by this New York singer with the same name. Just check out the piano/organ combination for a start, and the way that Eddie sings around the melody. His high tenor phrases are just sensational. Couple his great vocals with the tasteful background and fine girl chorus and you have a first class deep soul epic. Even the label name makes it clear what this 45 is all about.



ListenI'll reach my goal some day / Baby please let's try it again ~ SOULFUL 1003 (mid 60s)

Thanks to Colin Dilnot (see Links) for spotting this one.

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