Gloria & The Relations

Gloria & The Relations only had one single released on a tiny New York label, Bonnie. “Date With My Man” is a funky little track with some JB styled rhythm guitar which isn’t bad at all. ListenHook Line And Sinker is a heartfelt downbeat track on which Gloria is given plenty of room by the small rhythm section to sing about her love. Nice harmonies from her Relations too. A real grower this one.

Does anybody know anything more about this group? Or Gloria herself?

UPDATE ~ My great friend Greg Burgess writes t osay that:-

"There is a strong Horace Ott connection to this 45 leading me to think that it is his wife Gloria Ott - Caldwell as the featured singer. I think he owned the label and that he named it after his daughter Bonnie. The writers are Jackie Robinson, Michael Burton and Smalls(?)  – check out their Sew City release ‘Three Kinds Of Love’ as Jackie & The Umpires - that is another Horace Ott production. Horace and Gloria Ott now live in South Carolina."

As ever I'm very grateful to Greg for his unmatched sleuthing.


ListenHook line and sinker / Date with my man ~ BONNIE 101 (1966/7?)


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