June Gatlin

The dance side of June Gatlin's only release "Baby Cakes" (not the same song as that recorded by Loretta Williams on Jotis) has a lot of dance floor admirers but, as is so often the case, you have to flip the 45 over to find the real gem. The very fine big city ballad ListenGood Girl Gone Bad featuring a heartfelt and very soulful vocal from June over a full backdrop of rhythm, horns and strings. The song was written by Dee Ervin and cut on the West Coast. Lovely.



Baby cakes / ListenGood girl gone bad ~ REVUE 11021 (1968)


Note ~ These days June is on a higher plane altogether. As the Rev June she is a woman of prophetic vision, inspiration and song, An internationally recognized spiritual advisor and healer, Reverent June is considered a foremost authority in matters of the human spirit. Operating within the realm of prophecy and healing, she is a "seer" who brings our innermost feelings to verbal expression. On the celebrity circuit she is best known as being Michael Jackson's spiritual adviser. You can read more about Rev June at her website here.

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