Othea George

Detroit artist Othea George was a member of several local groups like the Four Tracks when doo-wop was giving way to soul at the beginning of the 60s. He recorded three solo 45s to my knowledge, one for the famous Mike Hanks, the others for Tony Ewing who owned both Chex and Volume, and one duet. Sadly most of the cuts were fairly routine, “What A Good Thing We Had” being the best uptempo number, but in ListenCome To Me George recorded one really class piece of music. The rhythm section includes a drummer who sounds as though he’s hitting an old sofa with a rolled up newspaper, and the production is determinedly lo-fi but what shines through is George’s fine vocal. He is especially effective when he really lets go towards the end of the track, really exciting gruff tone. The harmony vocals are good too.


Keep on writin’ / ListenCome to me ~ VOLUME 1110 (1962)
Little school girl / He’s gonna put you down ~ VOLUME 1111 (1962) (as JAMES UNDERWOOD & OTHEA GEORGE)
What’s the matter with me / If I don’t have to tell a lie ~ SOUL 840 (1962)
What a good thing you had in me – Now that you’re gone ~ CHEX 1008 (1963)


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