I can't do it all by myself - HITMAKER 500Roy Gee

Philly is the home of lush highly orchestrated group soul, but from time to time other more heavy types of soul music were recorded there, like the killer from Odell Knight. Or this really fine deep soul ballad from the obscure Roy Gee. ListenI Can’t Do It All By Myself has a simple melody and structure but they are often the most effective – as you can hear. Gee absolutely nails this one with a scintillating fiery gospel performance helped by some well-judged harmony voices. Hard to believe there is a 1975 date on the disc.

NOTE ~ The Roy Gee on JDAN UK is a reggae artist and may well be one of producer Dandy Livingstone's many aliases.


Get up release yourself / ListenI can’t do it all by myself ~ HITMAKER 500 (1975)


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