I'll make you cry tomorrow - WARNER BROS 7003

Winston G

It's always good to feature a record made in my own country on these pages - but always a rare treat as so few decent deep soul sides were cut in the UK. This one by the unknown Winston G is one of only a handful worthy of inclusion here. Based solely on his first name it would be a guess to say that the singer might have been an expatriate West Indian but whatever his origin he does a fine job on ListenI'll Make You Cry Tomorrow - light tone and lovely flexibility. Surprisingly the session musicians make a pretty good fist of it as well - especially the organ player and guitarist. The disc came out on Decca UK before appearing on Warner Bros in the US, and the flip is not the Temptations number. The producer is Les Reed OBE, famous for his work with people like Tom Jones, Adam Faith and Englebert Humperdinck. It would be impossible to write anything sensible after that sentence so I'm not going to.

UPDATE ~ Both Greg Burgess and Soulman Ray have kindly written to point out that there is much more info about Winston G at this website here. The site includes a fine discography which I've used to update mine above. I'm grateful to both correspondents for adding so much info to this page.



Please don't say / Like a baby ~ PARLOPHONE R 5266 UK (1965)
That way too / Until you were gone ~ PARLOPHONE R 5330 (1965) (as WINSTON G & THE WICKED)
ListenI'll make you cry tomorrow
/ Cloud nine ~ DECCA F 12444 UK (1966) / WARNER BROS 7003 (1967)
Morther Ferguson's love dust / Judge and jury ~ DECCA F 12559 UK (1966)
Riding with the milkman / Bye bye baby ~ DECCA F 12623 UK (1967) (as THE WINSTON G SET)
Hey Mr Carpenter / Seek and you shall find ~ CBS 3381 UK (1968) (as FOX)



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