Bobby Hinton

This is the only 45 I know from Bobby Hinton from the Carolinas, even though he has been making music for over 30 years. Mostly he has been performing for the US military – he was himself stationed at Ft Bragg – and maybe that side of his career took precedence over recording. It’s a shame there aren’t more 45s to seek out as on the evidence of ListenGirl Will You Marry Me he has a well modulated deep baritone voice with plenty of zip. The arrangement certainly isn’t a standard issue southern soul one – check out the lady wailing high in the background and the meandering flute for example – but on some levels it really works well, creating a sort of haunting atmosphere. The flip is uptempo.



ListenGirl will you marry me / A brand new life ~ TOMI (early 70s?)

Thanks as always to Jason Perlmutter (see links)

Note ~ Bobby is still out there performing as you can read on his own website here.

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