Chris Hamilton

The only release by Chris Hamilton appears to be this New York one on Bell from 1966. ListenI’ve Got To Cry is a fine big city cry ballad, full of good things – a strong melody, some fine orchestration and a full blooded powerhouse of a vocal from Chris. The arranger was Garry Sherman, and he produced the cut with Horace Ott and somebody just named “Kahan” who I don’t know.

UPDATE ~ John Smith has kindly written about Chris - he says:-

The guy he worked with on his 45 was Stan / Stanley Kahan. Stanley seemed to start out in the music biz in the mid 50's working with the likes of Billy Eckstine. By the 60's, he was working with Junior Lewis, the Wanderers, Marie Knight, Sammy Ambrose, Chuck Jackson, Tommy Hunt, the Platters and more. Stan Kahan also wrote songs, many under the name Bob Elgin.

I'm very grateful to John forthis fine info.


ListenI’ve got to cry / I’ve got to have your love ~ BELL 663 (1966)


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