Freddy Hill

You can find a good few references on the net to the B side of this disc “Mr Lucky” and to be fair it isn’t a bad slice of uptempo soul, with some impressive horns. But the top side is far better in my opinion. ListenMr Hurt still has those super horns giving it their all, and the rhythm section, especially the organist, deserve a pat on the back too. They are the Reno Bops, a Chicano group who worked out of San Antonio, TX and were very popular in the late 50s and 60s all over the South West of the US and down to Mexico City as well.

The leader of the Bops was Rudy Tee and the Ru-Tee Hit label was one of his, and I’d hazard a guess that Freddy Hill, which might not be his real name, was the band’s featured vocalist. Whatever Mr Hill could really get down as you can hear, showing a fine sense of dynamics and a strong, commanding presence. I’d lie top hear more from Freddy Hill very much.


ListenMr hurt / Mr lucky ~ RU-TEE HIT 101 (mid 60s)


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