Please Forgive Me - BRONZE 108


Louis Howard

Louis Howard was active in the Fort Worth area with his own band – variously called the Charms, Red Hearts and others – from the late 50s until the mid 60s. Although they started as an R & B outfit they made the transition to soul styles pretty well, but like so many acts they made their living as a working band in the various clubs and by acting as opening act and occasional backing to bigger artists coming to Texas on tour. So Howard’s recorded output is small, but there are some fine sides amongst them. ListenComin’ Home is a very good ballad indeed, with some tasteful organ figures and subdued horns. “I’m Going To Miss You” is a early soul duet with Arthur Noiel, who I presume was a featured singer with the band, and who also cut solo for Brownfield. Simple but quite effective.

Comin' Home - CHARM 1001But the best soul 45 Howard cut is the great deep ListenPlease Forgive Me. Love that muted trumpet in front of a horn section that’s much more forward in the mix, and the guitarist (Howard himself?), plays some fine riffs as well. Louis Howard wasn’t the greatest vocalist in the world – his range was too limited for one thing – but on this dics at least his emotional impact makes its mark. It may not be a coincidence that this disc was cut in Miami using Frank Williams' Rocketeers.



You're too much / I've got the feeling ~ IMPACT 4074
I'm going to miss you / I want to love you ~ IMPACT 5003 (duet with Arthur Noiel)
Do as you please / ListenComin' home ~ CHARM 1001
I'm a happy man / ListenPlease forgive me ~ BRONZE 108

Thanks to Jeff Lemlich for extra info.


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