A true love is hard to find - BOFUZ 1103


Earnest Jackson


Earnest (or Ernest on Bofuz) Jackson cut all his discs around the Baton Rouge, LA area so it’s a fair bet that that’s where he came from. His initial release for what I presume was his own co-owned label, tiny Jay-J contained the super deep side ListenOur Love Will Always Be The Same. This is a dead slow ballad featuring some fine declamatory singing from Jackson. Love his “woith” for “worth” Louisiana intonation! The backing – especially the slightly erratic drummer - is endearingly “small label” but none the worse for that. The 45 also appeared on Bonnie Fusell's local Bofuz label and is almost as rare as the Jay-J disc. Jackson's second single for Bofuz had ListenA True Love Is Hard To Find which is similar in both pace and feel to his first deep track and has all the right ingredients for a classic deep soul ballad.


Although funk fans go for some of the sides he cut for John Fred's Stone the only one that I care for is ListenWhy Can’t I Love Somebody. This melodic and well arranged track has much higher production values than his previous efforts, and Jackson himself sounds more relaxed and mature in his delivery. Jackson’s final 45 for Royal Shield gets dance fans going but leaves me cold sadly.

Why can't I love somebody - STONE 203





ListenOur love will always be the same / It's you I love ~ JAY-J 3-729 (1964)


Our love will always be the same / It's you I love ~ BOFUZ 1101 (1964)
I miss you / ListenA true love is hard to find ~ BOFUZ 1103 (1964/5)


Love and happiness / Hogwash ~ STONE 001 / 200 (1973)
Joy and affection / Inst ~ STONE 202 (1973)
ListenWhy can't I love somebody / Funky black man ~ STONE 203 (1974)
Reaching out for your love / My funny valentine ~ ROYAL SHIELD 110 (1980s)


Note ~ Greg Burgess writes to provide a link to Earnest's own webpage which you can find by clicking here. He has been working at Pinetta's Restaurant in Baton Rouge for over 35 years and is known as the "Singing Waiter". Thanks to Dave Turner for extra discographical info.


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