Shirley Karol

Chicago vocalist Shirley Karol made a couple of 45s for Dakar that are right in the middle of the classic Windy City mould. The dancers like the fine uptempo “Just To Make You Happy” with its attractive funky little beat and fine Willie Henderson horns. The flip is a slow soul number which doesn’t have enough of a melody to make it stand out. Much better is the superb waltz time ballad ListenFaith which, as its name suggests, is based on a gospel chord progression. Ms Karol never sounded so convincing as on this tune, her voice full of some lovely soaring phrases, accompanied by a righteous female chorus. Just check out the screaming climax. Lighter beat ballad flip from Eugene Record shows that Shirley could handle this sort of material equally well.



Just to make you happy / You don’t want me anymore ~ DAKAR 1449 (1967)
My baby’s gone away / ListenFaith ~ DAKAR 1453 / 606 (1969)


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