David Lenyard

I don’t know if David Lenyard is this guy’s real name or whether its Fab Buford Glanton. I suspect he’s better known as the latter, particularly in Detroit circles,  thanks to his history in various R & B and soul groups like the Martiniques and especially the Tempos, whom he joined as a guitarist in 1965. In the 70s he made a couple of 45s for the tiny Flying Eagles label of which the stunning ballad ListenIt’s Never Too Late (To Say Your Sorry To Change Your Mind) is easily the best. Obviously its not as raw as some of the tracks on this website, but in terms of emotional impact its right up there. Lenyard’s high baritone vocals are really impressive and convincing, especially when he gets into his falsetto range and the song itself is a real winner. It reminds me of the sort of number that Sam Dees was writing at the time – and that’s high praise indeed. Lenyard was also a member of Four Real who also cut for Flying Eagle.


ListenIts never too late (to say your sorry to change your mind) / Pt 2 ~ FLYING EAGLES 128 (1975)
It could have been you / Inst ~ FLYING EAGLES 572 (1975)

Special thanks to Rob Moss for the Tempos info.

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