Rose Lynch

RoseEverybody I’ve played this record to has been knocked out by its power and blue tinged desperation. But in spite of a great deal of effort no info on Rose herself or the recording has come to light – other than it’s St Louis origins. Recently however I found myself listening to the Jimmy Taylor on Pompeii and from that I think it’s safe to date this 45 to 1968 so similar is that recording to this one.

I don’t know of any other cuts by Rose – but ListenI've Been Hurt has enough going for it to outweigh 10 singles by another artist. St Louis maestro Oliver Sain does his usual bang-up job on the arrangment and the production. The lead guitarist (Phil Westmorland?) is quite brilliant and I love the meandering tenor sax (presumably Sain) as well. But the best part of the record is Rose herself – utterly convincing as the woman wronged.

The only other 45 on the label is a pretty good horn rich funky blues by another singer unknown to me – J R Johnson.

UPDATE ~ I'm delighted that two of Rose's relatives have the time and trouble to get in touch. They are Henrietta Lynch who is Rose's daughter, and Mossie Cason who is her granddaughter. They have very kindly sent the lovely picture montage of Rose now at the top of this page. Also Mossie has sent this heartfelt biography of her grandmother

I've been hurt - WINNER 201"Rose Lynch, originally Rose Lee Thomas was born July 20th, 1937 in Madison IL. Rose discovered at the early age of 5 a passion In music so deep it would later spark a singing career. In Roseʼs early career, she toured with some of the greatest, the Chi-Lites, Little Johnny Taylor and Carl Davis Of Brunswick records. During these years Rose and Barbara Acklin, (“Love Makes A Woman”) were close friends. In 1968, Oliver Sain recorded Roseʼs 45 “I Donʼt Need No Help” along with “Iʼve Been Hurt”, In St. Louis Missouri. Shortly after Rose submitted her life to Christ and continued to sing unto the lord. At the age of 82, Rose is currently recording a gospel song."

How wonderful to learn that Rose is still singing gospel and is working on a new recording.

I'm very grateful to Henrietta and Mossie for their great help with this page and hope that they will like the CDs of Rose's songs that I am sending to them.


ListenI've been hurt / I don't need no help ~ WINNER 201 (1968)


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