Rudy Ludaway

I guess Rudy Ludaway came from Georgia as this fine deep ballad appeared on two obscure discs from the state before being licensed to UA. ListenTrying To Make It Home has a finely wrought melody and writer Rudy’s light tenor suits it very well. The guitar, piano and horns contribute to the overall feel. A southern soul beauty in the grand manner. Soul songs about Vietnam have become quite fashionable after Greg Burgess’ pioneering article in Juke Blues but this one seems to have slipped the net. The flip is a pleasant enough beat ballad.

Which release came first? Well since the Galico says the publishing is Awake Music I’d say the Awake was the earlier one. Macon entrepreneur Bobby Smith has his name on the Galico 45 so it may well have been him who found the UA connection – although his usual outlet for national distribution was of course King.

Sadly Rudy’s other 45 for Neal Hemphill’s Goodie Train is rather messy funk. Best avoided.

Trying to make it home - AWAKE 300 Trying to make it home - GALICO 102



Trying to make it home / What's wrong baby ~ AWAKE 300 / GALICO 102 / UA 50590 (1969)
Soulville USA / Somebody could charge you ~ GOODIE TRAIN 018



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