Sometime beats no time - SALEM 340

Charles McNair

Another winner from the Chicago based Salem label, this 45 has a lot of good things going for it. On ListenSometime Beats No Time there’s the swirling organ and the splendidly out of tune barrelhouse piano – not to mention Charles' gritty tough R & B styled vocal. Check out those great screams near the end. The release under his full name is over a minute shorter than the Charles & The Esquires 45 and also has an added tenor sax. So my guess is that the Esquires disc must have been the first issue - and that is the one you can listen to here.

Could the “B Davis” credited as producer be this Benny Davis also on Salem?




ListenSometime beats no time
/ Woman and a half ~ SALEM 22064 (early 60s)


Sometime beats no time / Bundle up and go ~ SALEM 340 (early 60s)



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