It's all over now - DRAKE 3268

Melvin Moroson

This extraordinarily rare 45 is heavily wanted for the funk side “Couldn’t Keep It” which is OK if you like this sort of thing. But as ever I much prefer the ballad track ListenIt’s All Over Now which has nothing to do with Bobby Womack. This mournful dirge like cut has an almost hypnotic effect brought on by the repetition of the tenor sax riff over which Melvin’s high tenor vocal swoops and soars in pain, backed up by some nice harmonies. Moroson’s rather eerie tone is at its most compelling in the middle break when he sounds almost demented.

This is the only 45 in my collection that was cut in Omaha, NE.




Couldn't keep it / ListenIt's all over now ~ DRAKE 3268 (1968?)


Thanks to Dante Carfagna (see links) for the tip.


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