A C Poston

Milwaukee artist A C Poston had a few releases out in the 60s but never seems to have made it out of the city’s thriving R & B scene sadly. He is probably best known for the Odessa 45 “I’m So Full Of Love” that has seen some dance action. It’s a pleasant enough sound but it’s A C’s tuneful high baritone vocal that makes the disc for me. The funky flip isn’t bad either.

But my favourites by this obscure singer are the two releases on Sympathy – was this his own label? Numerically ListenWhen You Gave Me Your Love comes first, and this ballad has a lot going for it, despite the similarity to “I Found A Love”. The sensitivity of the small band accompaniment, especially the guitarist, and Poston’s cracked emotional vocal. ListenYou Were Made For Me is so similar in style it could well have been recorded at the same session. It’s another ballad winner for me.

UPDATE ~ Mike Cassidy very kindly writes with a link to a Billboard article from 1971 which mentions A C Poston and his interest in a "Milwaukee Sound". You can find the brief article here. I'm very grateful to Mike for spotting this interesting snippet.


I’m so full of love / My baby’s stepping out ~ ODESSA 53206 (mid 60s?)
Tootsie wootsie woman / ListenWhen you gave me your love ~ SYMPATHY 39123 (late 60s?)
ListenYou were made for me / I want ot thank you for making me feel so good ~ SYMPATHY 39133 (late 60s?)


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