If You Don't Think - SOUL KITCHEN 0011

Frankie Pighee

One of the truly wonderful aspects of the Internet is the way it enables people who otherwise would never make contact with each other to get in touch. And occasionally it can bring real happiness as well. I’d had this great 45 by Frankie Pighee for a number of years, knowing nothing about the artist at all. And then one day in 2004, a Michael Harris wrote to the Southernsoul newsgroup about a track on a CD that featured his grandmother who had only recently passed away. After I contacted Michael I was able to send him a CD of both sides of this 45, together with a label scan, and he wrote to me saying “I never thought I would get to hear these songs, so I'm really happy right now!” Michael provided some information on his grandmother’s life – “Born Frankie Joycetean Pighee April 10, 1938 in Howard County, Arkansas, passed on July 8, 2002.  She graduated from John Hay High School in 1956 (Hot Springs, Arkansas).  Worked in the field of Special Education for children, employed for many years by the Cleveland Municipal School District. She began her professional singing career at Leo's Casino Night Club in Cleveland, OH where she won a Talent Show Contest to be the opening act for The Temptations. She went on tour with Billy Stewart, Jackie Wilson and Otis Redding. Over the years she was a minister of music for various churches in Cleveland.  She maintained a membership at Progressive Baptist Church.”

This 45 is the only one she recorded but it’s a fine legacy indeed. Taken at a slow, slow pace, Frankie really sings her heart out over her enduring love. The churchy organ and girl chorus only add to the depth of the feeling the song generates as well. Can’t get enough of that tolling bell either! Thanks for this one Frankie.


ListenIf you don't think (that I love you) / Soul feeling ~ SOUL KITCHEN 0011




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