If there's a will there's a way - ANLA 116


Ike Porter

Is this lovely deep ballad better than the Anla 45 by Charles Greene? Maybe. The melody of ListenIf There’s A Will There’s A Way is catchier and the Fabulations emphasise it superbly well. Porter has a strong voice, and when he cuts loose on the second verse he really shines. The arrangement and production, although somewhat rudimentary, has purpose and drive. Love the mournful horns and the bass voice rap too. A rare 45, but one to savour.

Porter's other Anla single isn't up to this standard sadly, but "Love For Love" is a respectable slowie.



Ain't seen nothing yet / Love for love ~ ANLA 107
Stone lover / ListenIf there's a will there's a way ~ ANLA 116


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