Call on me - MILLAGE 105



This 45 has some mysterious elements to it. The tracks were “released” on Millage as by the Four Reputation (sic), but “crept out” might be a more accurate description since copies are almost impossible to find. Their origin is undoubtedly Pittsburgh, PA (the name of Odell Bailey on the writer credits is proof of that) and Millage came from there too, but the rhythm section on “Sorry” at least is pure Philly – drummer Earl Young’s patterns are quite evident. Also there is evidence that white vocalist Joey Guarino from the Up-Set group sings lead on the rather ordinary dancer “Call On Me”, rather than any of the four man black group credited.

Sorry - AMERICAN MUSIC MAKERS 0011The 45 also came out on American Music Makers with a slightly different mix – which I prefer – and I’m pretty sure that Guarino isn’t singing on the fine ballad ListenSorry. The harmonies here are spot on, and the chord changes in the number are just right too. Love those horns as well. But the best part of this is the last 20 seconds when the lead singer cuts loose with some lovely falsetto screams. Just wonderful.



Call on me / ListenSorry ~ MILLAGE 105 / AMERICAN MUSIC MAKERS 0011 (mid 60s)


Thanks to my friend Tom De Jong for the suggestion.


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