Dennis Robinson

Dennis Robinson did all his recording in Asheville, NC and so may well have come from there. The doubt, though, is the credit on both his A Talent Attraction 45s to “the original Tams” which implies an Atlanta, GA connection since that is where Joe Pope and his guys started out. Was Robinson linked with the Tams in some way? I’m not aware that he ever sang with them but stranger things have happened.

In any event Robinson had three 45s released, with most of his tracks being strong uptempo southern soul. His funky version of the Big O’s “Hard To Handle” is pretty good, and I like “Trial Run” as the best of his other recordings. Of the downtempo sides his “Unchained Melody” is well done, but I can only hear Bobby Hatfield on this song, and even though Robinson sticks pretty close to Bobby's version it doesn’t really cut the mustard. Better by far is the deep ballad ListenMy Heart’s In Pain on which he delivers a first class performance, aided by some female background singers (“The Tametts”) and a horn rich band. I love his excursions into high tenor territory and the way he soars around the melody. Lovely.


Looking for my baby / ListenMy heart’s in pain ~ A TALENT ATTRACTION 301 (late 60s)
Wings for my baby / Trial run ~ A TALENT ATTRACTION 303 (late 60s)
Hard to handle / Unchained melody ~ RED LITE 114 (1970?)


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