Sweet angel child - MOTION 1001

Bill Sampson

Bob McRee and the Thomas brothers - Cliff and Ed - were independent producers in Jackson MS leasing their product to various larger concerns from the mid 60s on. Tracks by Tommy Tate, Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson  and Barbara Lynn may be the best known but they made a lot of excellent southern soul. Among the discs that didn't find a home outside their studios is this absolutely wonderful 45 by Bill Sampson which was released on the tiny Motion label.

ListenSweet Angel Child is a really first class piece of deep soul - passionate and compelling. The centre of the piece is Sampson's  totally committed vocal performance, full of gospel nuances, powerful and with a fine sense of dynamics. Deep fans will love the hoarse screams towards the run out groove - they raise the hair on the back of my neck anyway. The producers have set Sampson in a classic southern arrangement - big horns, tasteful guitar and piano - the full works.



ListenSweet angel child / Stronger and wronger ~ MOTION 1001 (early 70s)


Note ~ I would think that this is a different artist from the Bill Sampson who cut for the Texas based Lin label in 1954. Can anybody confirm?


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