You've got to do something for yourself - ABC 11119

Billy Wade Shelby

Chicago artist Billy Wade Shelby first cut for ABC as Billy Wade via the good offices of arranger/producer Johnny Pate who served as the label’s mid-west A & R man during the mid-60s. Shelby's first release, the frantic two part “Tear It Up”, is way outside the scope of this website but his second 45 is right slap bang in the middle of it. ListenYou’ve Got To Do Something For Yourself is a lovely piece of deep soul magic with Billy’s tenor voice gently pointing out a bit of self-help. Pate puts him in a very simple setting – rhythm section and horns only – rather than his usual more orchestral arrangements, which gives the song a lovely southern feel. And that’s all right by me.

Billy's Supreme 45 has an interesting slightly funky "Who's Your Next Fool Gonna Be" on it but it sadly has nothing like the quality of his second ABC offering.


Tear it up / Pt 2 ~ ABC 10991 (1967)
ListenYou’ve got to do something for yourself / I can’t help it baby ~ ABC 11119 (1968)
Everybody’s got soul / Who’s your next fool gonna be ~ SUPREME 1003 (1970)


Notes ~

1. Does anybody know if the Billy Wade who cut “The Twist” for New York label Operators in 1962 is the same guy?

2. You can find "You've got to do something for yourself" on the Black Cats CD "It's A Deep Soul Thing Vol 6".


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