The girl that I love - BROTHER LOVE


Bobby Strickland

This total obscurity has been a puzzle to me ever since I bought it many years ago. There’s no information on the record at all but Bobby’s voice, the drummer and the slightly out of tune horns all have a touch of the Caribbean about them. Was this cut in Barbados possibly? In any eventListenThe Girl That I Love is a fine piece of deep soul, full of emotion and with an excellent “feel”. Judging by the sound of the recording and its length this must have been cut in the 70s.



After all I'm still in love with you / ListenThe girl that I love ~ BROTHER LOVE


UPDATE ~ Georgia soul expert Brian Poust writes to say that "the same Brother Love label released gospel records here in Atlanta. This is the only secular record I know of on the label, and all of the gospel 45s have a blue label, but the exact typeface/design. The three copies of the 45 I've ever had were all found here in Atlanta."

I'm grateful to Brian for clarifying the source of this fine 45.

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