I'm Just An Average GirlBrenda Southall

Brenda Southall came from Shreveport, LA originally but as you can tell from the name of the backing vocalists on this rare 45, the Dallasites, recorded ListenI’m Just An Average Girl in Texas. The hookline of the song is a catchy one and Brenda is silkily effective – and pretty sexy too – as she puts over the lyric, mainly thanks to her super delay timing. One of those tracks that you find yourself humming all day. The topside is a big funk tune but unfortunately it doesn’t do much for me.

UPDATE ~ Kev Briscoe kindly reminds me to mention that "I'm Just An Average Girl" is a version of the Masqueraders "I'm Just An Average Guy" (AGP 108). Thanks Kev. Thanks also to Marten Tonnis for the date in the discography.


I be somebody / ListenI’m just an average girl ~ DOIN OUR THING 102 (1969)


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