If I ever needed your love - CAPITOL EXPRESS

Don Smith

After a very promising opening from a big horn section and a nicely wailing tenor sax Don Smith certainly doesn't let the standard down. In fact his high baritone vocals are very fine indeed especially the odd falsetto burst. The synth strings are low enough in the mix not to bother the discerning listener too much and the pianist (arranger Rudy Boswell?) is inventive and the girl chorus gets the job done. Judging by the disc's length and the fact that it is in stereo I'd put this 45 around 1976. Was it cut on the West Coast?

In any event it's yet more proof that if you look deeply enough you can find some great music underneath the mountain of disco rubbish.

UPDATE ~ My friend Naoya Yamauchi has sent me details of another 45 by Don Smith on VJ International - now included in the discography. Sadly the disc isn't anywhere near as good as the Capitol Express - but I'm grateful to Naoya just the same.



Black Christmas / Don't 'cha walk on me ~ VJ INTERNATIONAL 1224 (70s)
If I ever needed your love / Get some ~ CAPITOL EXPRESS (flip is by ETHEL DAVIS) (1976?)



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