Evelyn Smith

Lenny LaCour was one of Milwaukee’s main music men, producing fine singers like Gene Graham and Marvell Love for his own Magic Touch label, and for outside release as well. The little known Evelyn Smith was another quality vocalist that made it onto Magic Touch. The dancers go for “You Don’t Mean A Thing To Me” but the top side ListenDon’t (Make Me No Promises) is the track that does it for me. As you can hear this isn’t the Dramatics number but a heavyweight ballad of power and conviction. Ms Smith is tough and uncompromising for sure, and the setting by arranger Al Vance is right on the money. Great thumping climax towards the run out groove makes the whole thing a real winner.


ListenDon’t (make me no promises) / You don’t mean a thing to me ~ MAGIC TOUCH 2006 (1967)


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