Jesse Slaughter

This one off release is in demand thanks to the dancer’s favourite “I Had A Dream” which is notable only for the co-writer credit to the wonderful Paul Kelly. Much better is the official A side ListenHow Does It Make You Feel, a tremendous deep soul ballad which features a really heartfelt vocal from Mr Slaughter. Was this recorded in Nashville and does the “P K Production” label text indicate that Mr Kelly did the honours?

UPDATE ~ Florida soul expert Jeff Lemlich has been in touch. He writes:-

"It should be noted that Jesse Slaughter & Paul Kelly also co-wrote Annetta's"Since There's No More Of You" and the Love Hill label was, according to the label, "affiliated with Les-Stan Records". Both were P.K. productions (yes, that was Paul Kelly), and the label graphics are nearly identical. (Both also share the same number, 001). Reading the dead wax, I see that the Jesse Slaughter 45 was mastered by Chuck Kirkpatrick (who worked at Criteria)."

I'm very grateful to Jeff for this excellent info.




ListenHow does it make you feel (when you’ve ruined a life) / I had a dream ~ LES-STAN 001 (early 70s?)


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