A strong man's tears fall dry - UPTITE 253


Rudi Stewart

I'm a sucker for bluesy deep ballads and the New Jersey cut ListenA Strong Man's Tears Fall Dry comes right into that category. Introduced by a nice guitar lick and accompanied by some fine organ playing and an assertive female chorus, Stewart wails out his misfortune in a gruff baritone. No frills or sweetening just a man crying out the blues. The top side has attracted some attention from funk fans - but I don't rate it.



Baby you goofed / ListenA strong man's tears fall dry ~ UPTITE 253 (1967)
I wanna love you all over / Pt 2 ~ DELMAR INT 711 (1980) as (RUDI STUART)
Get down / One and only lover ~ SOUND OF NEW YORK 0417 (1980) (as RUDY STUART)



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