Sweet Berry

Of course the musical powerhouse in Jackson, MS was the wonderful Malaco organisation, but the little heralded James Bennett was a very good second stringer. Despite very limited resources he was able to record and issue on a bewildering number of his own labels, music from artists of the stature of Ollie Nightingale, Geater Davis and McKinley Mitchell, and he also issued discs on lesser names like this group Sweet Berry. ListenDon’t Let Go is a quite superb group ballad, a winning combination of sweet soul and deep thanks largely to the efforts of front man L C Jackson whose tough and tender vocals are really first class, especially when the song really gets to him and he screams and howls out the lyrics. Flip appears to be a version of the Frederick Knight classic gospel drenched “You Need A Friend Like Mine” perhaps best known for Annette Thomas’ Stax rendition, but doesn't sound anything like it.



ListenDon’t let go / You need a friend like mine ~ RETTA’S 001 (1977)


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