There were more than a couple of groups calling themselves the Symbols, but this group only had just the two releases according to the excellent and reliable “Soul Harmony Singles” book. The second was an absolute blinder with the excellent title ListenTwo Time Double Timin’ Loser. This downbeat number has some fine chord changes, and a full arrangement from Willie Hoskins. The harmonies are spot on of course and the twin lead vocalists have more than enough “bite” in their tone to make this side a winner. One that needs to move above the radar.

UPDATE ~ Bob Abrahamian, who is one of the world's great experts on group soul writes to give the names of the group members. They are Brothers James and Lewis Cox, Al Hughes, Ray Moore, Ronnie Craxton. I'm very grateful to him.


I will still be there / The wrong girl ~ IMERIAL 66382 (1969)
ListenTwo time double timin’ loser
/ Never come back ~ MIRACLE MILE 501 (1972)


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