Vicki Starr

The third of the Vickis who recorded for Henry (Reginald) Hines from his Greenville, MS base was Vivkie Starr – the others being Vikki Styles and Vicki Williams. The only Starr release set the funky James Brown styled “Cut Me Loose” against the deep ballad I Need Your Love. The heartfelt ballad is a great “little label” track, low fi production but plenty of emotional power. It may well have been recorded in New Orleans. Note the involvement of Dave Bonds in the writing of this track.

Kris Holmes from the excellent Greenville & Beyond website which you can find here, is of the opinion that all the Vickis are the same. He may well be right


Cut me loose / I need your love ~ LYNN’S 711 (mid 60s)


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