Booney Taylor

There were so many tiny labels in New Orleans in the 50s and 60s getting to grips of them all is almost impossible. I’ve been assisting the process via involvement in the Cosimo Code, an attempt to catalogue engineer/producer/studio owner Cosimo Matassa’s vast output during the 60s which you can find here. Among the thousands of 45 on view are the two from the mysterious Booney Taylor whose inclinations may have been rather more jazzy than straight R & B judging from his voice and the arrangements on his tracks. I’m aware of two 45s that he had on the tiny Dynamic label – presumably owned by producer Al Geene – but in view of their catalogue numbers there may well other singles to discover. Taylor’s first 45 had the lively funky “Crazy Feeling” backed with the excellent deep blues ballad ListenIt’s Raining. This doom laden piece has a great atmosphere generated by the minor key of the song, the meandering flute and most of all an intense vocal from Mr Taylor, who has some nice Ray Charles styled mannerisms. The subdued organ and occasional horn blasts increase the desperation. Unfortunately Booney’s other 45 doesn’t quite live up to this track – neither the Northern soul of “If You’re Gonna Love Me” nor the easy swaying Crescent City beat ballad “I’m Lucky” generate anything like the emotional depth of "It’s Raining".


Crazy feeling / ListenIt’s raining ~ DYNAMIC 102 (1966)
I’m lucky / If you’re gonna love me ~ DYNAMIC 105 (1967)

Thanks to Mr Fine Wine for the suggestion.

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