Doctor T & The Soul Pushers Band

I’m aware of two 45s by this Alabama band, one of which is a mournful ballad which seems to be gaining traction on the West Coast low rider scene, judging by the way its price has been rising. ListenLove Is A Heartbreaker is one of those tracks that demonstrate that simpler can be better. Doctor T has a good soulful voice and he takes the listener through an examination of why love isn’t always as good as it’s cracked up to be, with just a four piece band for company. “Everybody Party Hearty” sounds just like you’d expect. The discs were cut in Montgomery, AL and released on Presley Strong’s eponymous label in Selma, AL.

UPDATE ~ Bob Abrahamian writes with some very interesting thoughts on this 45 and its singer:-

"I think it's the same dude as Tee on Berl, as the Contagious 45 on Berl (but not the Tee 45 on Berl) has the same font". As indeed it has - but with a Memphis address rather than an Alabama one. I've got hold of the Tee 45 and the detaisl are:-

Love you all over / Give in ~ BERL 880 (1980)

There are considerable vocal similarities with Dr T all right - can anybody confirm these are one and the same.

I've also found a 45 by the "Strong" label owner Presley Strong. The details are:-

Let's be together 1982 / Pt 2 ~ 31st CENTURY 3321 (1982)

Two addresses are given, one in LA and the other in Plantersville, AL. Another name on the 45 is that of Rick Strong (his brother?) who had a few 45s out himself on NIGHTIN' GAIL, ENTERPRISE and GOLDEN STABLE in the 80s. Presley sounds a lot like Dr T as well.

Could Presely Strong really be Dr T?? Or could there be a third Strong brother with the initial letter "T" to his name as Jason Perlmutter has suggested??

Can anybody sort all this out?



ListenLove is a heartbreaker / Pt 2 ~ STRONG 1000 (80s?)
Everybody party hearty / Pt 2 ~ STRONG 1485 (1985?)

Thanks to Bob Abrahamian and Jason Perlmutter.

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